Monday, April 09, 2012

Beginning, the Third Annual Retro Toy Week!

And none of these figures made the cut. Ah, well. We've got at least seventeen posts planned, checking out a variety of figures from years past: as usual, most of them aren't super-old, but old enough. What figures hold up today? Which ones did not age well? What now-defunct companies are still missed? How many times will I buy a figure of the same character? And so on!

The usual disclaimers: we might have a few links to Amazon or eBay, but they're just for reference. If you're interested in a figure, shop it around; and if you use Amazon go through a site like Poe's where he'll get a kickback.

By the way, if you can identify all the characters in the above picture, you'd be at least one up on me...


Dale Bagwell said...

Can;t believe these figures didn't make the cut. Parallex looks cool, as does the animated Hawkeye. Did you get other animated Avengers figures? Uhh and I remember Typhoid Mary too.

SallyP said...

Good Grief, is that Zorak? Spaaaaaace Ghoooooost!