Friday, April 13, 2012

Retro Toy Week: Toy Biz's Captain America!

Like I've said before, sometimes for Retro Toy Week we check out figures that have aged well and still hold up today. And other times, well, we don't. Like today's figure! From 1996, Toy Biz's Captain America!
I swear, this was a high-end figure back in the day, a real step up in sculpt and scale. It probably wasn't a patch on McFarlane's sculptors of the same time, and I think Cap is actually a bit bigger than originally intended because of a panograph error. (I want to say that's via ToyFare, or perhaps Wizard.) Which probably explains why his shield is too small, even with the spark-action feature. (I think that whole wave of Spider-Man figures had such.)

Mine is a bit dusty, and the right elbow is a bit too loose to support that shield. (Nine points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees.) The paint isn't that bad, although the boot-tops are a little off.
I do still kinda like Cap's facial expression: he just seems pissed, and ToyFare had a couple of shorts with him yelling, usually at Thor. He also came with a jetpack/skycycle thing, which we saw four years ago in the strip "America in Flight." And after the break: the Third Annual Retro Toy Week 20 Seconds of YouTube! Check out Cap's shield-spark!

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Dale Bagwell said...

That's coool that you still got his shield after all these years. I really wish I hadn't primed mine, and then never finished painting/customizing him as U.S.Agent.