Thursday, April 12, 2012

Retro Toy Week: Toy Biz's Mutant X Havok!

The temptation was to keep this post until 2013, but here's the fourth and final of Toy Biz's Mutant X figures. Still had it on a shelf, as a matter of fact; although on closer inspection I'm not sure why. Possibly because it may have been Havok's only figure for a number of years, or at least the only one I had. (There was one in his X-Factor jacket in the X-Men 90's line, wasn't there?)

Havok's head seems...thick, here. I almost prefer the classic headgear, like he has in his Marvel Legends figure. In the pictures, his eyes seem really cross-eyed; but I'm not sure I noticed before.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Holy Shit, he really is cross-eyed! Awesome man, simply awesome. And yes, the X-men line did have the X-Factor costumed version of him. I used to have that one too, and wish I still did.