Monday, April 09, 2012

Retro Toy Week: BTAS Man-Bat!

For some reason, checking out Batman: the Animated Series Man-Bat at Amazon brought up pictures for a set of Charmed action figures. Maybe someone'll fix that by the time this posts...
We checked out the Legends of the Dark Knight Man-Bat last year, so why not take a look at another interpretation? Good grief, how many Man-Bats do I have?

Manny is tagged Kenner 1993, but I'm pretty sure he was a yard sale find for me; so I couldn't say how long I've had him. Easily ten, maybe fifteen years; and he still looks nice. Partly because as a bigger character, Kenner had a little more space to work with, so Man-Bat has more articulation than any other animated-style figure: swivel-hinges on the shoulders and a similiar set-up for the elbows and the neck, plus swivel hips. Unlike so many, many flying characters, Man-Bat can look up! There is also an unobtrusive t-shaped button on his back for wing-flapping action.

If you're a fan of the DCUC animated style, Man-Bat will be a great addition to a display. I've liked the character since his seventies adventures like the Power Records "Robin Meets Man-Bat." (You can find it at the Power Records Plaza!) Dig him up!

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