Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Welcome home, Star Boy...if you think we're calling you Starman, think again."

Starman, if you must call Thom that, is from the DC Direct Justice Society series. If you're a fan of him or the Legion, you may or may not want to hold out for the upcoming-at-some-point DCUC online one; since he's huge. Hell, I think he's big even with other DC Direct figures. I saw some review commenting on the likeness of Thom and Star Trek: The Next Generation's Commander Riker. Star Boy's beardy look predates that by a few years, though; but you can pretend they're both big guys.

Star Boy wasn't one of my favorite Legionnaires, since in the old 60's stories I read reprints of, the power of making stuff heavy wasn't especially dramatic. That may be because it's not an especially visual power; or it may be because if used properly, it would be a drama-killer since he could end almost any fight in three seconds by making any combatants too heavy to move. Light Lass's powers of making things not-heavy were in the same boat; although in recent years writers using Brainiac 5 have pointed out between them they control one of the fundamental forces of the universe.

This started out as a deadly serious strip with the Legion of Super-Heroes trying to piece together what happened to their friend Star Boy: James Robinson made him part of the sprawling Starman legacy--because, that's why. I'm pretty sure Evil Star, Red Star, Starro, and multiple versions of Starfire would've been included as well if the book had gone on. I think Robinson also added as much tragedy as he could cram into Thom: possibly the implication of mental problems, and probably foreshadowing an upcoming tragic end. Then, Star Boy was sent back to the past, for some reason, and ended up, as he mentions, in a mental institution and the Justice Society. Um, then Magog, Gog, something, reboot, reboot, reboot...

I posted reference for the LSH Clubhouse a year and change ago, and finally got around to it. Very artsy, yes? I wanted to do the "Super-Hero Club" sign in Interlac, and even had that reference, but my lettering skills are weak.


Dale Bagwell said...

Awesome, awesome skit man. And I'm not just saying that because you owe me money. No, seriously nice one. I lobe the homeless bit, the drug/prescription bit(reminds of the "cold medicine" story from American Dad), and hell all of them!

Oh, nice work(ha ha) on the sign. If you really did do all that in Interlac, that wold have really upped the cheese factor, and I don't mean money. HA!

Blogger/Picasso must be giving you fits again since the Kamandi and last scene don't fit in photo order like the other ones. I know how that is.

Great one Goo.

Dale Bagwell said...

Lobe, that's was love. Damn you Starman Thom!

Kid Kyoto said...

Very funny! But stop giving DC ideas!