Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aquaman probably could've used the ring himself, but Atom called it first.

Let's see: a questionable medical diagnosis, a dated pop culture catchphrase, a size joke, and a racial slur against water-breathers: that's a busy two panels. I don't know why Black Canary is pointing at the unconscious Green Lantern either. I know she's concerned, but she's seen Hal knocked out before.

Since I don't have the previous issue, I didn't see what happened to Hal, who's been unconscious for all of this one; except when he was propped up by Flash to charge the power ring. Really, do you need Hal for that? And does GL have to do the 'in blackest night' oath? Well, Flash does get a tingle every time Hal shouts it out, but still.

I honestly don't recall seeing GL's power ring passed around like this before or since. I know it makes it seem like any goob could pick it up and be a superhero, and makes Hal seem just useless. I also know that other writers would take that option away: channeling the willpower to use the ring effectively is really hard, Kyle's ring wouldn't work for anyone else, etc. But I do think it's fair, when fighting Starro or Despero or even Titano, and Green Lantern goes down; it wouldn't be out of line to politely ask Green Arrow to put down that goddamn useless itching powder arrow, grab the ring, and start busting heads.

Actually, that last panel, Aquaman and Atom are probably just cranky, either because they have to do Green Lantern's job (just like cleaning out the fridge or vacuuming the satellite!) or because there wasn't anything more character-specific for them to do. Together, they put the fear in Superman, to make him look like Granny's Buffet to Nekron.

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