Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Civil War late? I've got your back!

(Edit: the other crappity photos I took for this aren't coming through yet! More later, but they aren't exactly magazine quality, OK?)
Yeah, ok, Civil War probably isn't going to end like this. But I was able to knock this nonsense out in an hour...making my deadline! Nyah!
Actually, I'm not too bothered by Civil War running late. I also don't know if I saw the story first at Newsarama or at someone's blog, but the general consensus seems to be: Marvel is going to do whatever it wants to do, and the 'monthly' comic is just a loss-leader to the inevitable trade paperback. The creators will continue to do whatever they want, and the fans may bitch and moan and make a stink (figuratively, I should hope) but they'll still cough up the green in the end.
Brian Hibbs from Savage Critic(s) points out the only ones that really lose (potentially) are the retailers, who could very well be left on the hook for those comics if the fans finally do turn on these late books. He makes some great points over there, except for one: "Even if you have to replace George Perez with Ron Lim."
Oh, Perez is great, but show Lim some love! I really liked his work on, well, about every third Marvel book there for a stretch in the early 90's. He had long runs on Captain America and Silver Surfer, then work on everything from Excalibur to Conan the Barbarian.

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