Thursday, August 17, 2006

Probably my last complaint about Civil War. Today. How I'm wrecking comics, 3

Holy hell, you could get a better resolution picture with a cell phone. A cheap cell phone. Well, I'd rather get the toys instead.

If Civil War came down to Cap and Iron Man punching it out in hundred-foot tall robots: honestly, I'd be a little bit of just fine with that. (And for you Ultimates fans, tell me it doesn't look like Ultimate still-drinking Tony is going to pull out the big gun, a giant Iron Man armor, by the end of volume 2.)

Anyway, while I've had some fun ragging on the plot points and characterization I disagree with in the series; and I know Mike Millar has had health problems, and I don't know how much lead time Steve McNiven was given to crank out the admittedly very nice art: the problem is, like most of the rest of you, I have to go to work for eight hours a day. Whether I want to or not, whether I have other projects that I want to get done, whether I'm tired or bored or want to play Playstation or hung over or kind of sick or uninspired or in a rut or antsy or on tour or any other reason you want to throw out. And while it would be gosh, just super! if I could dog it out and just turn in stuff whenever and the work would go out whenever and all the customers would be happy to have it then...I'm not going to talk specifically about my work, but I'll tell you one thing: that wouldn't fucking happen. And I'm pretty sure it wouldn't at your work either.

Of course, this is just as hypocritical as anything else, since Warren Ellis and Chris Weston--and I'm not sure who exactly was at fault on that one--dogged out Ministry of Space, and I griped, but didn't make a federal case about it. Of course, that was for Image, for themselves, and the last issue of the series; not the midpoint of a huge company-wide crossover, work-for-hire, and hamstringing the bulk of rest of Marvel's schedule.

Also, one of the arguments for running late is that the collected book is going to be a more lasting artifact than the trifling little monthlies. Which is probably true, but...Civil War isn't going to be on the shelves in ten years with Dark Knight Returns or Watchmen. No slander to Millar or McNiven, but it's not.

Enough. For some reason, Garbage is on PBS, and I still love Shirley Manson, despite how my wife glares at me when I watch her. So, I'm gonna watch Shirley, tease my wife a bit, and play with toys. To anyone still upset about this: there's lots of other comics still floating around out there, many of which are cheaper, lots of which are just as or more entertaining. Pick one up.

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