Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm so not explaining the reference here.

Brandon at Random Panels started this one up, "Bat Blank." Come up with your best one word answer to fill in for Bruce's one word! Come for the blank, stay for the fun! Also, Brandon's lettering technique, which involves cutting, pasting, and possibly carving for all I know; is nigh-unbeatable.

Slightly off-topic: I seem to recall there was a G.I.Joe member named Airtight, who was like a biohazard-specialist soldier, all armored up against gas or chemical warfare. I wonder how many Joes (or Cobras) had names that they had to change when they became, well, suggestive. I'm sure you can think of some...

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Brandon said...

Funny choice there.

I always thought Snowjob was a pretty bad Joe name.

MS paint is my tool of choice. I'm functionally photoshop-illiterate.