Monday, August 21, 2006

This was pretty much my evening, yeah. Except I insist on a lightsaber spoon.

From Nextwave #7, written by Warren Ellis, art by Stuart Immonen. Nextwave is, of course, love. I know some of you might have reservations or complaints about the treatment or characterization of Captain Marvel or Machine Man, but keep in mind that before this they had sold approximately six comics total between them.

I don't usually post panels from recent comics, but this panel just spoke to me, and it was a good one for a day misspent watching TV. My wife was working on something, and I was watching Prison Break. It's not as good as 24, but it's usually enjoyable...but it seemed dumber than usual today. Watched Vanished as well, and that had bits that seemed like they belonged in an old Detective Comics issue, but I may have to come back to that.

Enough. I'm scanning more nonsense for later this week, so more later. And Jeff, thanks for the Power Records info! I'm looking forward to checking it out soon.

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