Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A tip of the glass to Dorian! at PostModern Barney for the link at his guest spot at Newsarama, Meanwhile... Every time I get a link, there's a great swelling of pride in my heart, followed by a feeling like I've fallen asleep in front of a live mike...holy crap, people can see this!

For anyone new here, my goal is to tell you about the comics I love, and maybe take some of them down a peg or two. It's also a way for me to get back in the habit of writing, and a way for me to remember these comics when I inevitably get Alzheimer's. My grandmother's got a spot of it right now, but is doing pretty well so far. Occasionally it occurs to me to worry about it, but I've already forgotten, I dunno, high school, my first love, most of my time in college, 1998...Just like Marvel continuity: if something sucks, never mention it again. Repeat when needed.

Anyway, my wife is yelling at me to look up some Britney Spears seizure nonsense, so while I'd love to tell you what I think about Balloon Buster, it'll have to wait for a second. If you're new, check out some old stuff here, or some of the links to more coherent fun. And link here and make this site number one on the internet for Britney Spears/Balloon Buster!

Today's picture is from Batman Annual #8, "The Messiah of the Crimson Sun." Written by Mike W. Barr, art. by Trevor von Eeden. I'm not sure, but when published, I think this might have been the longest single-issue Batman story to date. Ra's al Ghul is in pretty bad shape at the end of this one, but recovers in time for Batman #400. Also, Batman takes a drink with Ra's, but claims he doesn't drink...next time!

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