Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How I'm Wrecking Comics, Part 2: Don't judge me.

I totally needed this. I don't care what anyone says. I absolutely had to have a three-dimensional representation of my favorite comic character, from one of his best stories; that one of my kids will eventually break. Never mind that it cost enough that I could've got two Essentials and a cheap Showcase...wait, really? Damn. Well, I already have my Essential Godzilla, and until DC starts putting stuff like Showcase Presents: the Warlord, or Manhunter, I can hold out. (It occurs to me, between the five or so different versions, there might be just enough for one big Showcase for Manhunter.)

Admittedly, it may not be an iconic piece. Kurt's only gone the pirate look a few times that I can think of: in the first issue of his limited series by creator Dave Cockrum (which is referenced on the box, but not 'on model'), a couple times in the Danger Room in Uncanny and Ultimate X-Men, and a fever dream in his recent Darick Robertson-penciled book. He also realizes pretty quickly (again, in Cockrum's series) that being a pretend pirate is all well and good, but actually attacking a ship, boarding it, and sending all aboard to 'Davy Jone's Locker' is less fun. Even if they're aliens. Still, it's a fun Nightcrawler piece, and I'm glad to have it.

Besides, I got 839 out of 2500! Eat it, 840! Whoo!

A big thanks to the Comic Book Shop, my wife for the birthday present, and my friends Matt and Tori for the gift certificate!


Chris said...

Eat it, 840! Whoo!

That, my friend, is what makes it all worth it! :-)

Oh, and you got tagged from 2GBC. Run with it, baby!

Brandon said...

I can't blame you.

Sweet Nightcrawler swag would be hard to pass up.