Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Odd associations, from my skull to yours.

I have no idea sometimes how my brain links things together. For instance, whenever I hear the Radiohead song "No Surprises" (from the album The Bends) I think of Enemy Ace. Not sure why. I think of fighter pilots from both sides going up in very flammable planes that were barely safe to fly, let alone fight in; knowing every time they went up it could be their last; while at home a wife and children wait, probably in vain.

"Such a pretty house, and such a pretty garden,
With no alarms and no surprises,
No alarms and no surprises,
No alarms and no surprises please."

I'm pretty sure 99% of the Enemy Ace stories I have are reprints, excluding the George Platt graphic novel, and the Garth Ennis prestige-format issues. So, I don't think I have every Enemy Ace story there is, but that's OK: I've never been disappointed by an Enemy Ace appearance. From his Crisis cameos to Guns of the Dragon, when the Hammer of Hell shows up, it might not be a laugh riot, but it's always good reading. The only downside to that, is that if the solicits say Enemy Ace is going to be guesting in Outsiders or Nightwing, I'd almost be obligated to give it a try. Ugh.

Plus, my son (and wife!) got me the DC Direct Enemy Ace a few years ago, and he still looks cool as hell. Wish I knew what I did with his wolf sidekick/accessory, though.

Anyway, "No Surprises" came up on my minidisc player today, so even though I planned something else, this is what I ended up doing. And then looking for this, I found some other stuff, and so it goes. If any of you have particular (or peculiar) songs for specific comics, let me know.

Today's panels are from "The Devil's General" and was actually uncredited in my copy! Script by Bob Kanigher, art by Joe Kubert, from DC Special Presents...Enemy Ace #26.

Edit: Oh fudd. Trent just pointed out that "No Surprises" is on OK Computer, not the Bends. See kids, this is what's going to happen to you when you listen to all your music on the ipod or the obsolete minidisc: you won't remember what album anything's from. Or, I'm just getting senile. Thanks Trent, and I'm going to check out your blog soon!


Chawunky said...

I reread [i]X-Men Annual[/i] #10 once or twice in my dorm room while listening to a Naked Eyes album on cassette, so those two have been more or less inextricably linked in my head since 1989 or so.

Chawunky said...

Curse those tags...

Trent said...

I think Radiohead music is especially designed to link things in your brain together. Most of their songs have a strong tie to a past time in my life.

P.S. No Surprises is on OK Computer, although it does have a real Bends-y feel to it. But not a Bendis-y feel.