Thursday, August 10, 2006

From the Getting Lemons, Making Lemonade, Being Told to Dump the Lemonade before getting on the Plane department:
I can't help but notice, Captain Britain was willing to fly in himself during the Inferno crossover...
So, my wife was flying in to a convention today...yeah, not a great day for it. I talked to her a bit ago, and she was in Portland and held up. But, she did find a new US Weekly, so there's some good. Honestly, she loves that magazine. Possibly in the same fashion that I have to have at least some comics fix every week, except US back issues are just sad. Like seeing your 'favorite' 'stars' before the arrests and the weight gain and the lawsuits. Or hyping up movies that you know ended up being failures. And ads for diets and pills before they were discredited or banned: how's that Adkins doing for you?

Anyway, with my wife away, I'm home for a couple days with the kids. While that means a lot less reading other blogs (I have a dialup and it takes too long.) it may mean a lot more blogging. Or at least more comics reading. Or I may just sit around watching old videos as I chase the kids around. Really, there's no telling. I have a Lone Wolf and Cub video around somewhere that I've never watched. The key word in that last sentence is'somewhere.'

This panel was from Excalibur #101, "Quiet." It was the nearest thing offhand that I could think of with a flying or plane reference. Written by young Warren Ellis, pencils by Casey Jones, inks by Tom Simmons. Good aftermath issue: the team returns home after taking care of their own storylines, to find out Professor Xavier's gone mad, turned into Onslaught, and is currently fighting the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. Tired, injured, and based out of England, there's not a lot they can do about it. Basically, Excalibur's participation in the Onslaught crossover was watching it on TV, which is a sweet deal there.

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