Sunday, August 06, 2006

Even though Batman's about to be eaten by a belted, pantsless alien; this is still pretty impressive.

Nekron starts blasting the Eiffel Tower. No real reason, just because. Oh, all right, so he can eat the people's fear as they fall to their deaths. Wonder Woman clears the benches, bringing Elongated Man, Batman, and Green Arrow. You know, it's kind of refreshing to see a Justice League story where Batman isn't the big planner or the head chief, he's just a guy pitching in with a Batarang and some smack talk.

Wonder Woman's lasso is described (a little later) as infinitely elastic, so she's able to give herself some slack at a crucial moment, and have it wrapped around all of the members seen above. How would that work? I mean, if you were tied up with something that was infinitely elastic, couldn't you just stretch it until you could get out? Personally, if I was Batman, Green Arrow, or Elongated Man there, I'd be too worried about:

A. The lasso tightens and cuts me in half, not an unreasonable fear since WW's holding up the Eiffel Tower with it.

B. Falling off the invisible jet, or getting eaten by a monster while Green Arrow helpfully provides commentary for Wonder Woman.

C. Blurting out some horribly embarrassing secret while under the influence of the magic lasso, ala

Mind you, if Ralph had blurted out, "I stole your costume, and make Sue wear it while she ties me up!" they never would have laid a finger on her in Identity Crisis. Rao, DC fans would still be building shrines to her.

Still, and I'll admit this is from someone who hasn't read every issue of Wonder Woman, or even a good percentage; but does Diana get to do more impressive stuff in JLA than in her own mag? Also, this is a rare example of a situation where it does make more sense for her to have an invisible jet, rather than just being able to fly: it serves as a platform for the non-flying characters, saving falling bystanders, and probably more leverage for supporting the tower.

The guys seem to be balancing pretty well, on something they shouldn't be able to see, that has to be moving at a pretty good clip. (Lot of detail on the jet, though: I'm surprised artists didn't bag off on that and just draw everyone floating.) Perhaps the jet can be sorta-invisible, like the cartoon adaptation of "For the Man who Has Everything" or something.

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The Fortress Keeper said...

Wonder Woman was wayyy more effective in the Justice League, but I have affection for those not-terribly-good WW comics of the Bronze Age anyway.

All that stuff about the "Golden Age is when you were 6 stuff," you know.