Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In this episode, Ted narrowly avoids an asskicking.

We miss you, Blue Beetle. We don't miss Power Girl's yellow-and-white costume, and for some reason--her power reducing injury, I'd assume--she doesn't fly this whole issue.

From Justice League Quarterly #3, "When you wish..." 80 solid pages of Keith Giffen plot, Gerard Jones dialogue, Mike McKone pencils and Bob Smith inks--when was the last time you saw a credit box for an eighty page book that didn't have like 16 inkers and 5 pencilers? And I think people would support the quarterly books again if they were an eighty page story (ok, 72 pages, but the cover says 80) and not 6 six-page stories and a bunch of pin-ups.

I will no doubt be coming to this issue again: it's a solid issue mocking/paying "homage" to the Avengers, Walt Disney, and the original JLA. Of course, it also assumes you're astute enough to get references to Imsk, the embassy of Rhodesia, and wainscoting. This is one of those comics I love so much, if I see a copy in the quarter bins, I buy it, no questions asked. So, there's a few floating about...

In other news: I share a birthday with MTV. And Dom DeLuise--oh, that sucks. Can't stand him. Never funny, ever.

MTV isn't doing anything for it's birthday, and it's younger than I am: it doesn't want to remind kids that it's old or that it used to show videos and funny little animated bits. I used to love my MTV pretty unconditionally: it brought me Remote Control and Just Say Julie and Aeon Flux and the State and the Maxx and Speed Racer and Monty Python reruns...and it must date the hell out of me that I can remember when MTV didn't have 'original' programming and it was Python, Speed, or dead air.

And like a lot of you, one morning I woke up and realized MTV had become a channel for fourteen-year-old girls, apparently: Real Worlds and TRL's and Laguna Beaches are not for the likes of me. Between that and working in a crappity music store for a bunch of years, music is just about dead to me, or at least really sleepy.

Which, in theory, should mean more money for comics...I'll get back to you on that one.


The Fortress Keeper said...

Actually I've curbed my own music addiction due to the dull stuff that's coming out these days.

As far as the funnies go, I still wonder whether I should buy new comics or old Bronze Age reprints that in the long run I probably would enjoy better.

Anyway, I remember when MTV actuallyn played music as well and yeah, reduced-Power Girl in a yellow and white costume from Atlantis wasn't exactly the best concept to give the character.

Bully said...

That's not Kara. That's a man, baby!