Saturday, August 19, 2006

I know Ghost Rider's...punishing this guy, somehow.

A guy with a priest collar yet. Wow, that looks bad. Yay, out-of-context panels! Suffice it to say, that guy was um, evil. And stuff. And not a real priest. And Ghost Rider's not doing anything...icky to him: just burning his soul with hellfire. That's much better!

From Ghost Rider #68, reprinted in The Original Ghost Rider Rides Again #1. "The Curse of Jonathan Blaze!" Written by Roger Stern, art by Bob Budiansky, inks by Josef Rubinstein. This was about the only issue of the old Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider that I got when it was originally coming out. Luckily, it's one of the best ones: a pretty strong retelling of his origin. Johnny is tragic and tortured, and the Ghost Rider seems to really be enjoying punishing evil and being a dick. He was referred to as a 'cursed spirit of vengeance,' but he always seemed to be having more fun busting heads and scorching evildoers than the later versions. Which is probably why the old version is remembered as 'cheesy fun,' and the 90's one is remembered for being 'kewl,' if at all.

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