Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't touch it, Atom! You'll get germs.

So, Superman doesn't just have super-strength or super-speed or super-breath, he has super-fear? Wouldn't that mean that when Supes gets scared, he gets super-scared? For example, you or I might be afraid of clowns in the sense of we don't like them, and would try to avoid them; but Superman would have a pants-crapping spasmodic fit at the mention of the name 'Bozo.'

Since we haven't seen that happen (although, I haven't read every old Jimmy Olsen issue...) maybe he has super-bravery to counter that. Wait, then would he be super-sensitive? Super-emo? Maybe he's super-stoic, or super-good at hiding his feelings...I'm reading too much into this. Long story short, Nekron tries to eat Superman's super-fear, which to him is like eating a kilo of uncut china white, and he OD's like Speedy.

Aquaman seems kind of smirky while comforting Superman. That could be because of the heady rush you would get in making the most powerful person in your world freak out and cry like a little girl. "Ah, you OK, big guy? Let me dry those eyes for you. There you go!"

Atom is holding Nekron's shriveled yet still alive body in what looks like a plain tweezers: I only mention it because his hand looks freakishly large in that panel.

In the last panel, although Atom says parts of Red Tornado are floating outside, it just looks like parts of his costume. His pants are probably somewhere further downwind...Atom was also going to finish his sentence:

A. "And rebuild him, which would take about twenty minutes."

B. "To make sure one of the several hundred known mad scientists doesn't steal his parts to build robots to use against us."

C. "To give him a proper funeral, which would take about twenty minutes."

I don't know who's speaking in those last two balloons--Superman? Rao, he sounds lazy there. Pretty sure you could gather up Reddy's robot corpse, say a few words, and then get to last call somewhere with the transporters, big guy.

Still and all, this issue was a fun throwback to when heroes fought aliens, everyone had something to do (even if it was only to throw a Batarang, talk some smack, or get blown up) and it moves at a pretty good clip. Sorry to drag on posting this one, but I've started another project which, while I'm kind of excited for, I'm hoping won't cut into blogging time. Well, that and I watched an assload of Reno 911! Sorry.


Faceless Henchwoman said...

I'm totally with you when it comes to the ring. First thing I'd make? A new wardrobe.

Dan said...

Can I just say 'Pants-Crapping Spasmodic Fit' would make a fine name for a band. So, for that matter, would 'ODs Like Speedy'.

The Fortress Keeper said...

Poor Red Tornado.

You know the Vision would receive better treatment.

Oh, wait a minute. They just shoved his parts in a box after Disassembled and later made a replacement Vision, didn't they?

Never mind.